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Paper Publishing :

Paper Writing:

As a part of academic curriculum, a paper or an article has to be published by the students in an International Journal for the award of his M.Tech / M.E. / Ph.D Degree. LegendProTechnologies supports and guides the students / authors in publication right from the abstracting and content writing to meet the standards of International journals with good impact factor rating. Our panel of experts in various advanced domains review the content, modify wherever required, communicate with the body of International Journal Publication and assure you 100% publication within scheduled and time bound slots.

LegendProTechnologies & Acprojectsupport over 3000 papers / articles are published in international & UGC journals under our guidance.

Plagarism check:

While it is perfectly ok to survey previously published work, it is not ok to content the same with extensive similarity. Most of the plagiarism occurs in the literature review section of any document (manuscript, thesis, etc.). Therefore, if you read the original work carefully, try to understand the context, take good notes, and then express it to your target audience in your own language (without forgetting to cite the original source), then you will never be accused with plagiarism.

Conference Service:

After the completion of final year project, students are expected to present their research work in the form of PowerPoint presentation on various conferences.Legend Pro Technologies has tie-ups with many national and international conferences and we ensure every project developed by us is presented in many prestigious conferences. Conference Service comes with our project development package.

A detailed PowerPoint presentation of the project is prepared with appropriate statistics and pictorial representations so that the examiners would be highly impressed with your project and score you with high marks. Right from the conception of a project to the final stage of conference presentation, we guide our students on each step of the way!